The Advanced Events API is a fully searchable index of all Ethereum blocks, transactions and events with advanced filter and aggregation functions

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The examples show charts with live data from the cluster. The cluster stores more than 1 TB of data and more than 75.000.000 events since the Genesis Block. The indexer constantly updates the cluster with live data from the Ethereum main chain.

On load the page passes a query with filters and aggregations to the API. It returns the data as a JSON-object. The data is marginally processed and shown in a ChartJS Bar-Chart.

Get Started

You can find our developer documentation here. Check our tutorials on how to build a simple contract event query or how to build a simple blockchain explorer.

If you have got questions or feedback, contact us via mail, twitter or telegram.


Is this a block explorer?

No, but you could easily build a block explorer on top of

How does this compare to Etherscan?

Etherscan provides an API, which is returning the first 1000 event logs per query with no further filtering options.

Can I install this locally?

No. is not meant to be installed locally. You can access the index via our ElasticSearch REST-API using tools like CURL, Postman or your preferred programming language.

How can I start using the API?

Please check our documentation on how to access the API and contact us for a personal login.

Will it be free forever?

We cannot say yet. The basic functionality of will be free for the foreseeable future. For special use cases we're open for discussion.

I am a smart contract developer. How does help me save development time?

Simply plug into the API to get access to the Ethereum mainnet. You do not need to setup your own index or wait on your web3 client to fully sync.

Which questions can answer? indexes blocks, transactions, logs and human-readable smart contract events from the ethereum mainnet. This way, you could answer questions like:

  • What was the the total creation and destruction of DAI during the last week?
  • Get a list of all ERC20 token transfers on December 17th?
  • Get the total fees paid in the 0x protocol?
  • Ethereum Naming Service interactions
  • Total amount of token X deposited in the Raiden Network in the last 24 hours?

Who is behind this?

Peter Eulberg & Sascha Göbel; based on a proof of concept by Konrad Feldmeier