Build is an Ethereum search engine with an extensive API.
Utilizing Elasticsearch query language it is easy to build reliable and scalable applications using blockchain data.

Search Ethereum and Start Building

Reach your goals with blockchain data much faster, cheaper and with maximum flexibility.
No need to run a full archive node or your own database if you just want to
use blockchain data.


Debug your smart contract during development and test.

Access all Ethereum-based testnets in realtime at no cost right now.

Monitor your ĐApp as it is being used.
Gain insight and stay in control.

API is your best option to build applications using blockchain data. is very fast and reliable.

We offer a life-time free tier and paid enterprise tiers including SLAs. is open source to reduce dependencies.

Our reorg-safe data is available in


As blockchains mature, business usage, relevance, and criticality increase. integrates nicely with existing business intelligence tools using Elasticsearch query language. indexes private blockchains and will be available in private clouds and as an on-premise solution.

What can you do with

Watch your Supply chain

See if KPIs of your blockchain based traceability app are in an acceptable range.

See how your Tokens are doing

How many addresses took part in that token sale? When did they sell? Draw a chart. 

Create Dashboards Easily

Use out of the box dashboards like Kibana, Grafana or even hosted ones like Datadog.

integrate Blockchain Data

Integrate blockchain data in your existing business intelligence tool at your company.

Create an Oracle

Make a bet on a state of the blockchain. Create an oracle that reports that state.

Create an Alarm

If a condition on the blockchain is met, trigger an action for example an email.

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