Ethereum SQL data visualization dashboards

Click on the buttons/images below to play around with some filters of our sample dashboards.
You’ll get a feeling for actually working with block chain data from our PostgreSQL to gain real-time insights!

Our Metabase visualization layer enables you to easily generate nice looking charts that are easy to play around with and to share within your organization or publicly.
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Cross-chain token swap monitoring

Check the daily volume of token swaps to recognize trends. Immediately see problems if bridge input and output are not equal.
Filter by date range or specific address to drill down.

dxDAO voting power dashboard

Check the reputation distribution of your DAO governance voting power. And give participants the ability to let them check their individual contributions by simply pasting their address in.

DAI Unique Recipients per Day

You can see the full period of the DAI stablecoin from launch to publishing date, but feel free to enter your custom start/end date for a closer look.

TenX Token Dashboard

Track token activity of any ERC-20 token and visualize as time series. Plus monitor the largest token balances in real-time – in this example of TenX (PAY) holders.

Monitor your private chain

Monitor transaction volume for automatic invoicing and network intelligence. Make the governance voting power of network participants visible, e.g. by tracking voting token balances, as in this simplified dashboard.

List of our indexed ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens

Check out the list of our indexed ERC-20 and ERC-721 (non-fungible) tokens. Or search tokens by name, symbol, type or creation date for a closer look.

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